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successful marketing campaigns

You can run more than one marketing campaign with needbots easily and with one click

Automated response to clients

You can design a welcome message to respond to customers in an automated way and its content can include text, image or video

automated bot on whatsapp

You can design an integrated automated bot on WhatsApp to answer all customer questions with keywords through needbots

What We Do

How does needbots work?

Collecting target customer numbers

needbots enables you to collect the numbers of WhatsApp group members in one click.

Send an unlimited number of group messages

You can select any number of contacts and send group messages to them at the same moment

Auto reply to clients

Through needbots, a form can be created to automatically respond to customers at any time by entering the appropriate keywords.


Frequently Ask Questions

How to use needbots?
You can make commercial marketing campaigns, also create a bot to support customers on WhatsApp, use your number on more than one device, and send group messages.
How many conversations can the bot respond to?
An infinite number of conversations can be answered without delay or error.