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Activate the MMS service

You can send thousands of text messages, video, pictures or audio

WhatsApp multi accounts

With needbots, you can manage more than one WhatsApp account in one place in a simple way.

Auto Reply Forms to Customer Messages

Providing more than one automatic response form to messages as one of the quick support methods in companies to respond to customers.

Send thousands of group messages

With needbots, you can select thousands of contacts and send a message to them at the same time without being restricted to a specific number.

Collecting members' numbers in WhatsApp groups

You can collect the numbers of those interested in your field of work through WhatsApp groups and send marketing campaigns to them together at the same time.

Scheduled messages

With needbots you can send scheduled messages that increase the organization of your work and increase productivity.

Get to know needbots

Marketing through WhatsApp

The needbots platform enables you to send thousands of WhatsApp marketing campaigns and run a bot to respond to customers at any time depending on the keywords in the settingsquis bibendum auctor.


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