The best WhatsApp bot in simple steps

WhatsApp bot, is an automated robot through which you can automatically respond to customers or create campaigns to send messages or design a comprehensive chat bot to respond to frequently asked questions by customers, where you can apply the famous WhatsApp chat implementation to comprehensive chat that can be an alternative to the support service outside working hours Formalities such as asking about dates or prices or responding to some other details.

Chatbot Customer Service

A customer service chat bot can be designed and programmed so that it can respond to all customer inquiries and frequently asked questions. How much does it cost?! where is the address ?! I have a problem ?! What are the working hours?! I need help ?! And other frequently asked questions, and the importance of the customer service chatbot in

Comprehensive assistance to customers, as studies have shown that 83% of customers need support and answer some inquiries such as payment questions, shipping, ordering, and the need to respond to many other inquiries such as support in electronic stores.
Permanent support for customers, as experiences have been conducted, that customer service is one of the most important factors for the success of commercial projects, whether local or international, because it has a positive impact on customers, improving the support process and increasing confidence. Hence, the WhatsApp bot was created to answer frequently asked questions, which saves a lot of time and effort to open new business markets. .
Fast interaction with customers, interaction and quick response to customers and solving all his problems all the time increases the customer’s confidence in dealing with the brand, increasing its reputation and improving the customer’s awareness of it.
free whatsapp chat bot

There is a free chatbot in WhatsApp Business, but it does not have other chatbot features in the needbots program, such as ready-made templates, buttons and lists. The program features include archive messages, reports, message templates, group message campaigns, an unlimited number of channels, an unlimited number of messages up Up to 600,000 messages, a chatbot that includes keywords, in addition to the feature of automatic reply and variable reply, storage space, and cloud storage.

Best price for WhatsApp bot design 2022

The needbots platform provides 3 packages, the first is $100, the second is $150, and the third is $200. Each package differs in features, as the first package gives 80 thousand messages per month, the second gives 200 thousand messages per month, and the third gives 600 thousand messages per month.

You can contact and request a WhatsApp bot service through the number 00201275363637.

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