Download the chatbot program for WhatsApp through the needbots platform

The chatbot is now the primary means on which all institutions and all electronic platforms and social media depend, and it is a chat that takes place between the two parties, the human on one side and the robot on the other side, depending on modern artificial intelligence techniques, and artificial intelligence bots have been programmed to simulate humans and answer their questions and use This technique is very much in marketing and sales, and you can download the chatbot program for WhatsApp through the needbots platform or contact the number 00201275363637.

What are the features of a chatbot?

Saving time and effort in dealing with customers.
Traditional customer service requires the presence of service representatives within 24 hours to respond to customer inquiries, but with the acquisition bot, service representatives can be replaced with an automated response service, which is programmed to respond to customer inquiries at any time.
Presenting one-to-one content to clients
The chatbot can act as an assistant or employee who provides some basic information to the customer or responds to simple inquiries that all customers ask about. It can also send personal messages to each customer to increase interaction, or address the customer’s name or add interactive buttons such as call buttons.
Start the conversation and move customers from the path of introducing the service to the sale
The bot can move the customer between the basic sales path of awareness, interest, decision-making, and implementation, after which interested customers can be targeted to reconnect and communicate with them.
Automatic reply to clients, which is the technique of replying to sending any message in the chat from the client.
Automatic response or quick response is one of the factors that oblige the customer to complete the chat or request the service and thus create a sales environment.
WhatsApp bot work
You need to follow some steps in order to implement a professional WhatsApp bot. Follow with us through the following steps:

First, register with the needbots program through the link.

After registration, the user will be transferred from the registration window to the login window.

Secondly, after entering the panel of the program, the WhatsApp number is linked to the program by entering the WhatsApp tab and pressing the + button. Scan the QR Code on your Whatsapp app appears.

We go into the WhatsApp settings, choose the linked devices, connect.

Third, we choose the device number for its features to appear, from which we choose the chatbot and then add new.

Fourth, we fill in the data for the bot, such as:

Turn the bot on and off.

Send to (all – individuals – groups).

_ type on (the message contains the keyword, the message contains the complete keyword).

_name of the bot

_key words .

The bot may be (text – image – video).

_ Then press Save and Exit to activate the menu from outside.

You can communicate and request a service or trial through the number 00201275363637

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