Create a WhatsApp bot from needbots WhatsApp is one of the most important social media platforms that has been relied upon in e-marketing recently because it is one of the most successful and most used platforms by all individuals. Therefore, the needbots platform provided a comprehensive chat bot to respond to customers automatically, but what […]

free whatsapp chat bot Have you ever tried entering an online store to order a product and saw the automated response service, have you tried asking about a specific product, price or shipping cost, and the response came quickly and automatically when you click on the WhatsApp or chat icon, it is a free or […]

How to make a bot on WhatsApp WhatsApp bot, is a program through which an automated chat is created by a person and a machine through the WhatsApp application and depends on artificial intelligence and responds to messages in an accurate and correct manner and create successful chat. WhatsApp bot. You can get a 20% […]

The best bot for WhatsApp in Arabic What is a WhatsApp bot? WhatsApp bot is a modern and developed technology based on artificial intelligence and machine language, it was recently developed to create real chat between a machine and a human to help large companies, stores and large institutions in the sales and customer service […]

WhatsApp script from needbots The WhatsApp script is one of the services developed for the WhatsApp program, through which e-marketing, creating WhatsApp campaigns, and designing a bot to respond to customer questions, as it relies on modern artificial intelligence technology to understand human language and choose the appropriate response to his question. The script is […]

Your comprehensive guide to creating a WhatsApp bot WhatsApp bot, is automated messages that are sent automatically to customers or respond to customers by sending your keywords and potential to be sent from customers. The automated bot helps in strengthening relationships with customers and increasing their strength. If you need a WhatsApp bot, you can […]

Whatsapp auto reply bot The WhatsApp bot is a system developed using artificial intelligence techniques, machine language and some complex algorithms in order to simulate the human element, and it is widely used in the field of tourism and travel reservations, hotel and flight reservations, technical support and customer response, and the field of dealing […]

Create a WhatsApp chat bot Needbots is the best platform through which to conduct a marketing campaign through WhatsApp, and respond to customers based on keywords. Needbots relies on artificial intelligence technology, which will be relied on in the future, as humans will be replaced by machines. WhatsApp solutions for large enterprises Needbots provided a […]