WhatsApp script from needbots

The WhatsApp script is one of the services developed for the WhatsApp program, through which e-marketing, creating WhatsApp campaigns, and designing a bot to respond to customer questions, as it relies on modern artificial intelligence technology to understand human language and choose the appropriate response to his question. The script is through the number 00201275363637.

WhatsApp script features:

Achieving a large financial profit, as it is possible to send WhatsApp campaigns in very large numbers, up to 600 thousand messages per month.
Programming an automatic response to any message sent by the customer within 24 hours, the response may include (text – image – video – text message).
Programming a complete chatbot to respond to all customer questions by entering the keywords and questions expected by the customer and writing the appropriate response to them.
Collecting the numbers of the target customers by subscribing to the WhatsApp groups of the same field, then the program pulls the numbers of the group in the .

What is the price of the WhatsApp script?

The needbots platform provides more than one package to subscribe to the developed WhatsApp script

The first package includes 10 communication channels, message campaigns of up to 60 thousand messages, automatic response to customers, 10 groups and 1000 numbers for each group.
The second package includes 30 communication channels, sending message campaigns and up to 135 thousand messages per month, automatic response to customers, 30 groups and each group has 3000 numbers, the possibility of programming a bot like buttons and lists and withdrawing customer numbers from the WhatsApp group.
The third package includes 70 communication channels, 600 thousand messages per month, responding to customer messages automatically, 70 groups and each group has 5000 numbers, the ability to add buttons and lists to the bot, withdraw numbers from WhatsApp groups.

The most important commercial enterprises benefiting from the WhatsApp script

Any commercial institution that deals with a large number of customers can benefit from the WhatsApp script, such as electronic stores, major companies that deal with a large number of employees and others because it facilitates sending, receiving and responding to messages automatically in the case of the presence of service representatives or not, and therefore the benefit It is very large. In the case of availability of customer data, direct marketing campaigns can be sent at the same time, and a response to customers can be programmed.

To communicate and request the service through the WhatsApp number 00201275363637.

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