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WhatsApp is one of the most important social media platforms that has been relied upon in e-marketing recently because it is one of the most successful and most used platforms by all individuals. Therefore, the needbots platform provided a comprehensive chat bot to respond to customers automatically, but what is a WhatsApp bot?! How is a WhatsApp bot made of needbots?! Simple steps through which you can get a professional WhatsApp bot. Just contact us at 00201275363637.

A chatbot is a system that has been designed and programmed with complex artificial intelligence algorithms, through which humans can be simulated in thinking and responding.

Is there a free WhatsApp chat bot?

WhatsApp Business provides an automatic reply feature, but it does not provide a comprehensive chat bot. You can get a chat bot through one of the chatbot platforms such as needbots, and it includes ready-made templates for the bot that can be a list or a list from which to choose and move through other options.

How to make a WhatsApp Bot:

Register on the needbots platform and there is a free registration through the link
Go to the members’ login page, which then goes to the control panel.
After going to the control panel, we notice that there is more than one option, we choose the WhatsApp, which has +.
When you press the + sign, we link the program to the WhatsApp number you want to create a chat bot with.
After that, the services of the platform appear, which include the following WhatsApp bot – Reply to me – WhatsApp campaigns.

The cost of making a WhatsApp bot from needbots

The platform offers 3 packages, the duration of the package is a year, the first package is Ned First, a package of $100 and gives 80,000 messages per month, the second package, Ned Plus, is $150 and gives 200,000 messages per month, and the third package, Ned Gold, $200, gives 600,000 messages per month.

You can contact and request a WhatsApp bot service through the number 00201275363637.

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