How to make a bot on WhatsApp

WhatsApp bot, is a program through which an automated chat is created by a person and a machine through the WhatsApp application and depends on artificial intelligence and responds to messages in an accurate and correct manner and create successful chat. WhatsApp bot.

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Features of a WhatsApp bot?

The WhatsApp bot helps customers to reach their goal as soon as they enter the WhatsApp chat, so that the customer asks some questions and the bot responds automatically to the customer without the need for an employee or someone from customer service or support.
Raising the efficiency of the service and improving the user experience, thus increasing the positive customer ratings on the brand and successfully targeting the largest category of customers.
Provide human resources and save time and effort made by employees (sales – customer service) in responding to customers’ questions and inquiries.
Achieving customer satisfaction with the service provided, which is what the bot aims to achieve and thus gain customer loyalty for your product or trade.
Achieving automation of sales and customer service, i.e. making it work automatically without human intervention.

Reducing work and labor pressure on sales, customer service and call center employees.

The best effective steps to create a professional chatbot

How to make a bot on WhatsApp, the WhatsApp bot is implemented in two ways, the first is in WhatsApp Business, where it allows the work of automated bot messages, and the second method is through Api WhatsApp, which gives some features such as automated message campaigns, automated response to customers, a comprehensive chat bot, and here are the steps to create a bot from Through the Needbots platform:

Log in to the program using your name and password and through the link
Choose the WhatsApp icon, which includes many other features, and then choose the chatbot.
We choose new and complete the data in the form such as bot name, bot status, keywords used, implementation and type, then press save.

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