How WhatsApp bot works

You can create a WhatsApp bot to automatically respond to customers with ease through several steps:

Log in to the needbots control panel through the link

Create a new channel for WhatsApp and adjust the settings for the channel, then activate it.
The needbots website is available in both Arabic and English.
You can control the number of messages that are sent to customers or send scheduled messages and run more than one campaign at the same time.

The importance of WhatsApp in marketing and sales

Relying on the WhatsApp application has now become one of the necessities that cannot be dispensed with, according to the latest statistic that took place in 2021, so it was necessary to develop services that depend on WhatsApp, especially marketing campaigns, and needbots provided distinguished services in the field of marketing through WhatsApp where you can create A campaign for thousands of numbers at the same time, automatic response to customers, scheduled messages, and the collection of customer data with ease.

Get needbots services now by calling 01275363637.

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