Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use needbots?
Because it provides all the services related to the field of e-marketing (shopping via e-mail and text messages, analytics marketing, messenger bot, Instagram bot, creating an online store, creating WhatsApp campaigns for thousands of numbers, publishing on social media platforms, replying to comments, deleting or hiding) All this automatically.
What are the advantages of Needbots?
Continuous development and updating, providing technical support to customers all the time and assisting them in using the bot, providing the best price for the service compared to competitors, and providing a free trial before purchasing.
What is a chatbot?
A chatbot or automated chat as it is known is an automated conversation between the user and the application, which depends on artificial intelligence and machine language in understanding human language, receiving data from the user, analyzing it and giving the appropriate response and pre-entry.
What are the benefits of a chatbot?
Managing social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) through a single window and automatically without human intervention. All that is done is adjusting the bot’s settings in the appropriate way for the service and operating it. The bot responds to a customer at any time, thus increasing team productivity, sales, and better communication with clients.
How to create a chat bot?
Once you create an account on the Needbots platform, you can get a ready-made bot template that can be used. Create a bot from scratch to use the professional features of Needbots.
What companies should use needbots ?
All companies that receive many calls from customers or stores that offer products that customers ask about their details must use automated chatting to relieve pressure on employees and respond to customers at any time.