The importance of WhatsApp in marketing and sales

The WhatsApp bot is the latest artificial intelligence technology provided by technology to help businessmen and entrepreneurs in marketing. Perhaps you are wondering about the importance of WhatsApp bots in marketing and sales?! Quite simply, the automated bot is the technology of responding to WhatsApp automatically at any time, that is, overcoming the problems faced by customers in the case of communication, such as working hours, where WhatsApp bots can respond to customers automatically, thus increasing the interaction between the customer and the organization and increasing sales as well.

Programming a WhatsApp bot

The WhatsApp bot is programmed in a simple way through several simple steps preceded by subscribing to the needbots platform and obtaining the service and then entering the control panel and creating automatic response forms to WhatsApp messages by entering some repeated sentences that the customer inquires about and the appropriate response to each question and then running the form.

Needbots services and WhatsApp solutions for large organizations
The needbots platform is one of the best platforms that provide the WhatsApp chatbot service, which includes managing WhatsApp accounts through one platform, activating multimedia messaging services, automatic reply to customers through the entered keywords, collecting customer numbers in one step, creating interactive WhatsApp campaigns, providing messaging service scheduled.

You can get needbots services by contacting WhatsApp at 01275363637.

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